"Our mission is to supply and inform people of salts many natural healing and health benefits"

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My name is Margie Carney and  I am the owner operator of The Salty Spa salt room in Manchester NJ. I knew I loved a salt room experience when a friend of mine and I went to our very first visit. We both loved the relaxing element of the negative ions that are produced in the room from the halogenerator so much we decided to go back again at another time. We didn't even know about all the health benefits it had to offer. The antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, and the healing properties, although my nose was runny and my friend coughed a little. It was loosening up our mucus membranes and ridding us of phlegm we certainly didn't need. I couldn't find many salt rooms to go to in NJ, so we returned and after our second visit a few months later I soon knew that this was a business I would love to be involved with, and decided this is a much needed addition to peoples well being.

You see my husband had COPD and eventually died from emphysema. I never knew about salt therapy then. I don't know if NJ even had any but I wish I did know. He would have had some help expectorating and would have loved the calming affect it would have given him. COPD also accompanies anxiety. It can be a vicious cycle of fear and not breathing to say the least. I don't think it would have cured him but I do believe he would have been much more comfortable. My goal is to make more people aware of salt's healing properties and enjoyment. This is a natural way for a better quality of life. I recommend it to most everyone of all ages.