Welcome Back! Our Covid-19 Response.

Yes we are now opened! We are using social distancing and extra disinfecting precautions but you are still able to get the healing healthful benefits from Dry Salt Therapy!

Appointments are made at least 24 hours in advance. Only one client in the lobby at one time and you will call from the parking lot before entering the building. Family members that have already been in contact with each other may enter together. Masks are worn while entering and exiting. Once seated in the salt room, masks are removed to get the best optimum benefit of the salt therapy. Masks are put back on before leaving the room. Salt room seats are spaced out to the over 6 ft apart.

Salts nature is to attract itself to moisture so breath moisture you may expel will not be able to travel much past you. Salt crystallizes as it dries and kills any pathogen that it attaches itself to. Tissues are provided for anyone needing to cough or sneeze as to not expel your moisture. Salt can loosen phlegm and help expectorate to clear your lungs for a greater ability to take in oxygen. Salt also has a wonderful way of clearing your sinuses. Please throw away your own tissues when leaving the room. This is a time to breathe and relax. The negative ions produced by the Halogenerator will help reduce stress and anxiety so feel free to bring an eye mask if desired.

As always socks are a must or we have shoe covers on hand to enter into the salt room if needed for those that want to leave their shoes on for extra stability. Our Salt room floor is covered with Himalayan salt. If feels like walking on the beach. You deserve to be good to yourself mentally and physically.