Dry Salt and Tibetan Bowl Vibration Therapy

Monthly event and private party by reservation will be held on Friday evenings. Call to reserve your one hour salt and sound group session of 6-10 people. First 7 get to choose from the zero gravity recliners and Adirondack chairs.


Dry salt and Tibetan bowl vibration. This is a great combination. You get the benefits of salts negative ions (fights against free radicals) along with its sinus, lung, skin and stress relieving properties. You will be getting “vibration” sound therapy. The benefits of vibro-tactile healing have been around for centuries. Its known that sound waves move through water at least 5 times more efficiently than through the air and that water in the human body accounts for at least 50-65% of its makeup. This makes the human body a receptive vessel for vibro- tactile input. Your mind and body will thank you for the experience!

Reservations are needed to attend as space is limited. The cost is only $45 per person! If you want the added benefit of a BEMER session for only $20 to the package special. Make it an earlier or later reservation.