What to Expect for your 45-minute Salt Room Therapy Session

You will experience the difference in your very first visit! However, a regular routine of ongoing dry salt therapy will produce the best results. The micro particles produced by the Halogenerator helps your body fight inflammation, colds, flu, as well as sinus and skin issues. It’s a wonderful way to relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue. The room is neither hot nor cold. It is kept at a comfortable temperature. This is dry Salt Therapy so you will not get wet nor will it cause you to perspire. The lights are low with soothing meditative music (if others are in the room with you please be respectful and keep talking at a minimum). You will be lounging on a zero-gravity recliner with an extra pillow and soft throw if needed since your own body temperature lowers as you sit or recline for 45 minutes. Don’t worry if you fall asleep, I will be back in 45 minutes to wake you.

What to Wear

SOCKS ARE A MUST! Either bring socks or wear them since we have Himalayan salt on the floor and no shoes are worn in the room. If you need to wear your shoes for stability no worries, we have shoe covers to put over your shoes. Light colored clothing is suggested only because the therapeutic grade salt is so finely crushed into micro particles that are dispersed in the air and may show up on darker clothes (easily brushed off however). Some people like to wear or bring shorts or sleeveless tops to expose more of their skin to salts amazing properties.